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Wholesale Metal Hand Pipes

Find here wide variety of wholesale metal smoking pipes for your head shop. Buy from us wholesale metal hand pipes, metal smoking hand pipes, metal chillum, metal hookah, and custom-designed metal pipes at wholesale price. Compare the products and get best deals on new arrivals.    

Model: 3-quot-design-cut-metal-pipe-
3" Design Cut Metal PipeAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: 3-quot-small-bat-metal-chillum-
3" Small Bat Metal ChillumAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: 3-5-quot-wine-bottle-design-metal-pipe-
Wine Bottle Design Metal PipeDetachable head and mouthpieceAvailable in Red & Black Color..
Model: 4-quot-diamond-cut-metal-pipe-
  4" Diamond Cut Metal Pipe              Available in assorted colors4" Diamond Cut Metal Pipe ..
Model: 4-5-quot-hammer-color-metal-pipe-
4.5" Hammer color Metal Pipe..
Model: 4-5-quot-gun-design-metal-pipe-
4.5 "Gun Design Metal Pipe..
Model: 2-quot-bullet-metal-pipe-
Multi-color Rocket Design Metal Pipe2" Bullet Metal Pipe ..
Model: 3-quot-bullet-design-metal-pipe-
Bullet Design Metal PipeDetachable head and mouthpieceavailable in assorted colors..
Model: 5-quot-bamboo-metal-pipe-
5" Bamboo Metal PipeAvailable in assorted colors..
Model: 3-5-quot-mini-sherlock-metal-pipe-
3.5" Mini Sherlock Metal Pipe..
Model: 2-quot-mini-chamber-metal-pipe-
2" Mini Chamber Metal Pipe..
Model: 3-5-quot-sherlock-metal-pipe-
                    3.5" Sherlock Metal PipeAvailable in Assorted color..
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